Friday, November 3, 2017

Berliner Geschichten

I had to transfer some recordings og older works to host them on my website, here is the recoding of the premiere of my composition Berliner Gschichten which I wrote in 1998/99, performed by the Ensemble Modern, conducted by Kasper de Roo with myself and Norbert Ommer doing the sound projection in the Grosse Sendesaal of the Hessische Rundfunk in Frankfurt.

In spring 1998 Mr. Bernd Leukert, head of the department for new music in the Hessische Rundfunk commissioned a work for a concert with the Ensemble Modern. During this time I was working in Berlin at the Berliner Ensemble (theatre) and very intensely experienced the power of this city.
I had a piece in mind which would permanently `morph´ - with parallel layers of morphing textures and dynamic, harmonic, rhythmical and timbral transitions distributed among different instrument groups - a floating music, hard to locate. I decided to move from Cologne to Berlin and started collecting the soundscapes of this city on my old NAGRA-recorder. Sounds from the different districts - Kreuzberg, Tempelhof, Mitte, Potsdamer Platz, subwaystations, urban people. These collected sounds, partially processed and modified soundbits are integrated into the piece by using a sampler and are dubbed by certain instruments or groups of instruments. This process takes away the profanity of those urban soundbits - sounds from a cigarette shop, turkish markets, chainsaws - everything turns into `music´.

This piece is dedicated to my wife Andrea.

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