Monday, May 14, 2012

Artist in Residence...

During the next season beginning in Septembre 2012 my brother Markus and I will be artists in residence with the Hamburger Symphoniker-orchestra. Since 2 months I am composing a big orchestral piece which will be premiered on Octobre 27. It will be combining the orchestra with live-electronics and a sampler player. It's my first piece for big orchestra and I am really excited about this as a strong wish is finally becoming reality.
The first project for me though is being staged open air on Septembre 1st, music from my album Minimal Nightmare and some new pieces arranged and extended for a 4-piece band (including myself) and string orchestra with players from the orchestra. The band will feature Christian Weidner on Alto Sax, Ketan Bhatti on drums and Hannes Huefken on electric bass.
Then there will be a sound-installation including some orchestral live-musicians and a project with an actress (my wife Andrea), an actor (my old friend David Bennent), a great singer (Katja Stuber), two musicians from the orchestra and some live-electronics.
For next year I will be writing a Flugelhorn-concerto for my brother Markus (whose Flugelhorn playing I've always adored) and a chamber ensemble mainly including brass and wind instruments, myself again contributing some live-electronics.

Lot's of stuff to write and explore....

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